Inari Electrics is a spanish company created to offer solutions in the electrical material field, able to adapt itself to the great market and sales channel structural changes that have happened in the last years.

The company achieves more than 50 years of experience in the electrical sector, specifically in manufacturing and distribution of energy, telecommunication and control/equipment cables. Additional product lines, such as led lighting technology and specific tools for the electric sector, have been incorporated.

With a deep knowledge of manufacturing processes (raw materials, costs, quality control, certification, logistics…) the company has signed distribution agreements and alliances with other manufacturers in Spain, Europe and Asia. We can this way offer our clients a wide range of products depending on technical needs, volumes, payment forms, geographical areas, delivery deadlines….

This experience allows us to anticipate to final client needs’ and offer distributors the knowledge and experience necessary to address the distribution and training challenge.

We provide our differential value, focused on the offer of the most suitable product –both from a technical and economic point of view- to our clients in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Experience has showed us that clients appreciate very positively a direct, first level and long lasting relation. Therefore, with Inari Electrics, you will always have available a Managing Director with a solid professional career in this field and highly involved in the success of your activities.